International Business Leadership Awards provides you with great opportunity to share your success stories with the world which will be inspired and motivated by the extraordinary business stories and struggle stories. It will prove to be a memorable title to share along with the dignitaries from the global corporate world.

Winning this Award will not only be a mark of appreciation but also symbolize your hard work, goodwill, reputation & trust earned within the industry in the past several years. It is a recognition for bringing a change into the world through your business leadership and admirable work.

As the award is highly regarded in the corporate sector, it will help you outshine your peers by adding a star to your profile thus giving you an opportunity to expand your wings and grow on a global scale in the years to follow.


  • The winners will be entitled to use the logo of the International Business Leadership Awards 2021 till the next one year from the date of receiving the award, in all their marketing & publicity material for reaching out to the corporate world & society in a more confident manner.

  • A digital certificate of excellence and achievement with the title of International Business Leadership Award 2021 will be rewarded to the winner.

  • A comprehensive media kit consisting of various forms of Award Logos and an exclusive press release copy which can be leveraged for publicity or marketing purposes.

  • IBC Team will publish the winner’s profile on an International news portal (with upto 1000 words content size) along with your Picture. We believe this step will commemorate your achievements and provide maximum global out reach.

  • A 2-minute A/V clip of the winner is published on a leading International News Portal with details of your business message, goals, vision, mission and message towards viewers and global consumers.

  • All the information about the winner along with related A/V, messages, profile and other details will be published across the leading Social Media Websites to provide maximum media and consumer coverage globally.

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