We are thankful to our prestigious sponsors who standby with us to encourage and bring together the globally reputed business leaders to get honored. You are also welcome to be a part of the International Business Leadership Awards 2021 sponsorship program and take the benefit of the promotional opportunities.

Advantages of IBC Sponsorship Program

  1. The IBC’s International Business Leadership Awards sponsorship program enables to open gateways to a targeted niche of consumers & opinion makers who have specific interests in corporate affairs, business and organizational growth.

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As a Sponsor, your brand / organization will receive exposure at every opportunity throughout the complete Awards marketing cycle. In order to achieve this, the following options have been packaged together to allow you to make the most of the numerous networking, branding and promotional opportunities sponsorship can present.

Your company name & logo to be featured and promoted as "XYZ Company / Brand presents “International Business Leadership Awards 2021"
(Plus other benefits also included)
Your company name & logo to be featured & promoted as " International Business Leadership Awards 2021" in Association with XYZ Company / Brand"
(Plus other benefits also included)

For complete benefits & details about Sponsorship packages regarding the "INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2021" please contact Ms. Julia Lauren (Director – Brand Development) at contact@ibccorpusa.com

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