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International Business Leadership Awards are one of its kinds of business award community aiming at honoring and motivating the true dynamic leaders in the industry. We believe in recognizing these influential leaders of the organization that epitomizes and plans the growth of a business. It can be anyone from the higher management, the CEO, Managing Director, or the president of the company. Their vision, passion, and zeal to take their company to the new heights give them a distinct edge. Their continuous efforts and cutting edge strategies are what we focus on highlighting and showcasing to the whole world.

International Business Leadership Awards will be given to the leaders across varied categories. Some specific criteria and requisites need to be fulfilled to get qualify for these awards. We have invited several leading Industrialists, top officers of Government Institutions, President & top officers of non-profit organizations, Entrepreneurs’ etc. to participate in this Magnus Award and give their entries as well.

International Business Leadership Awards has the sole motto to recognize and appreciate your excellence in the corporate sector, financial acumen, investor relation, Social responsibility, etc. in a broader spectrum. This prestigious platform will appreciate your skills, achievements, management tactics, business ideology, and much more.

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If you believe that you have a distinctive vision, have a mission towards the growth and development of the economy along with the society at large, have the strength, foresight and knowledge to drive a change in your field and the corporate world then nominate yourself today for the distinguished International Business Leadership Awards.

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At IBC, we nurture and foster multiple organizations and businesses to improve sales, growth, operational efficiency, stakeholders connect and create a solid foundation to accelerate the overall growth and sustainability of the company. With our highly energetic, motivated and experienced team of professionals, we help organizations create new achievements, milestones and business opportunities for them holistically. IBC has been providing high quality consulting and advisory services to organizations of all dimensions (large, medium and small enterprises) globally to fulfil their vision and enhance their productivity.

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The expertise of IBC is feasibility studies, brand research & auditing, competitive & peer analysis, brand positioning, portfolio strategy, brand architecture, brand workshops, brand strategy, brand naming, brand valuation, and customer segmentation. We are also a leading research agency specializing in strategic communication, advertising effectiveness, media, and brand equity research.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LEADESHIP AWARDS is a concept developed by International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA. It is a true recognition of excellence and appreciation of the global business leaders. Our objective is to provide excellent opportunities to our patrons and create a platform that highlights their achievements and provides them with an influential branding opportunity as well.

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